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Anything related to the Armenian genocide and its impact on armenian genealogy and records

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I would like to learn more about the formation of the LegionD'Orient, which I think was about 1915. As I understand it Armenian men all over the world were recruited to come back to Armenia and fight for the country. Does anyone have some good sources for research on this subject?
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I am not sure why you would not celebrate those brave men who were willing to give their lives. The Legion D'Orient was made up of survivors from Musa Ler that were recruted in Egypt and other displaced Armenians from around the world who were horrified at the news coming out of Armenia during the Genocide.

The anguish and frustration they must have felt, not knowing what was happening to their loved ones - we just cannot imagine.

1200 men were recruited from the UNited States, the list can be found at the following URL:

http://webpages.charter.net/anccenma/ge ... orient.htm

Theer are a number of sources in Armenian and in English - not a great number, but a few. Dikran Boyajian wrote a book in Armenian - as well there were a number of pamphlets published to commemorate the battle of Arara (the major battle they participated in). There is a small article in "The Armenians of New England" by Robert Krikorian and there are a couple of accounts of soldiers who were in the Legion at one time or another.

George Aghjayan
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