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I would like to welcome you all to this site.
This site will be devoted to the subject of Armenian genealogy. The mission of the organization is to collect and preserve any records relating to the Armenian genealogy and then having those records available to you on line.
It will be the first of its kind that will let you search various databases and records to help you find your ancestry.
The main site is under construction, it is in the design phase. We are collecting ideas and opinions on what we can include in the site. Our dedicated groups of Armenians are working hard in developing the site. If you feel you can contribute your ideas or expertise, please feel free to participate in the discussion forum. Or you can mail the design team directly design_team@armeniangenealogy.org. Please share this site with your friends and relatives. In order to continue and grow as Armenian people and nation we need to persevere and document what we have now so it will be easily available for future generations.
We appreciate you stopping by, check back for the latest updates. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
Thank you.
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