Early Armenian Photoengravers

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Does anyone have any information on any Armenian engraver/photoengraver from the 1870's through 1880's?

I don't know anything specific but can suggest a book. It's about early (1860-1950) photography of women in the Middle East and has an extensive bibliography. It's called "Images of Women" by Sarah Graham-Brown pub 1988. It's out of print but you can proabably find it at a library or used book store. It does say that Armenians were a large percent of the first photographers in the Middle East and has some names: Vichen, Kevork & Hovsep Abdullahian, Yessayi Garabedian, Garabed Krikorian. Cited for this info is an M.A. Thesis from the University of Beirut August 1981 "The Craftsman's Art: Armenians and the Growth of Photography in the Near East (1856-1981)" by D.J. Miller. I think this may be Donald Miller who is/was professor of Religon at the University of Southern California. He cowrote "Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide". Good luck on your search!
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