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I have no idea if this is the right board to post to, but it seemed the closest, so here goes:

I am writing a novel inspired by my grandparents' experiences during the genocide. I have a basic plot line set up (or rather, a series of five stories that will be intermingled, including the political aspect and influences coming from Talaat and Enver, etc) - but I find I keep stumbling over small details. For example, how well did you have to know someone before you would use their first name? what were the common birds and flowers (presumable they haven't changed so much in 90 years, but you never know) to what age did people go to school (my grandmother went to a French catholic boarding school, but I don't know if she would have left at 16 or if her education got interrupted due to the deportation orders when she was 17). Did people have arranged marriages? (I got the impression that my grandmother's marriage, if not exactly arranged, was heavily influenced by her parents' wishes...)

Is there anyone out there with a good historical knowledge who would be willing to help?

many thanks in advance.

(oh, and hi everyone! .... reminds me of a dreadful joke my dad used to tell. If anyone would ever say "Hi" to him, he'd turn to me and say, "How did they know?" *groan*)
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Christopher J. Bjerknes on the Armenian Genocide, Part I
By Jack Manuelian

This article consists only of some highlights from the interview conducted by Bedros Hajian of California, USA, with Christopher Jon Bjerknes of Chicago, USA, on June 5, 2007. The complete version can be heard (there is no transcript yet) in Bjerknes’ web site "," in the interviews section. Also Bjerknes has his new book of 575 pages "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians" available for free in PDF file.

Bedros: Could you elaborate how did they (the high level Zionists) basically make their vision . . . unable their vision to mass murder the Armenians?

Christopher: Well, that took them to the Turkish empire, and the Turkish empire in the period 1890' which is also the same period that political Zionism took root in the writings of Pentzber (?) And Theodor Herzl. The Zionist had a strong hold within the Jewish community of Salonika where there were many Jewish bankers and Jewish Freemasons who were organizing a revolt against the Turkish empire, because one of the chief goals of Zionism was to break apart the Turkish empire so that they could take the Palestine from the Arabs and give it to European Jews. And they also had to destroy the Russian empire because the majority of European Jews lived in Russia, and Russia would not let the Jews go because they knew it would result in economic hardship, so they engineered the first world war in order to break apart the Russian empire and break apart the Turkish empire. And they could engineer the first world war by pitting Christians against the Muslims. They decided that one way they can pit Christians against Muslims is to have the Sultan start killing the Armenians and they did that by convincing the Sultan that it was the Armenians who were going to conduct that revolution against the Sultan, and the Christians were plotting to destroy the Turkish empire, so the Sultan began committing atrocities in the Balkans and in Turkey itself and that started to create an outrage in England and America against Islam, Christians started to become pitted against the Muslims.

Then the Jews of Salonika {1} through their Committee of Union and Progress, and meetings in Freemasonic lodges, there was a man named Emmanuel Carraso who was the grand master of the Macedonian Resort lodge in Salonika, and they drew funding [for their revolution] through Italian banking Jews and ultimately through the Rothschild bankers of the city of London, fomented a revolution against the Sultan which began I think in June of 1908, and they finally deposed the Sultan in 1909 and they then started committing heinous atrocities against Christians in the Balkans and specially against the Armenians (the 1909 Cilicia massacres, the Constantinople massacres) in order to use that as cause for the Christians to want to wage war against the Turkish empire and that resulted in the Balkans wars and then the Balkan wars resulted in world war one, and in WWI the leaders of the Young Turks were actually crypto-Jews from Salonika and chief of those was Tallat Pasha, and Tallat Pasha (who was a front man for the Zionists) instituted a program for the extermination of the Armenians in order to bring America and England into the region as the Christian savior of the Armenians. And they also attacked Russia because Russia had traditionally been a strong defender, specially of the true Christians, in the Turkish empire. And in this way they were able to foment the first world war.

Bedros: Basically we could say that Armenians were sacrificed in order to form a Jewish state [in Palestine].

Christopher: That exactly is correct, and the word that was used [for this Armenian sacrifice], long before the European holocaust [of WWII], was "Holocaust" which means a burn offering or a sacrifice, and in the literature from the 1890 to about 1939 the Armenian Genocide was often referred to in the express term that it was a holocaust or burn offering.

Bedros: Have you done any research on or have you come to any conclusion on the American missionaries in Armenia who were very much infiltrated by Freemasonry, who were there to do more freemasonry jobs than a Christian job?

Christopher: I have seen that more among the British [missionaries]. The American Christian missionaries in my research I saw were used in order to provoke paranoia in the Sultan. The Jewish bankers would whisper in the Sultan’s ears that the missionaries were trying to subvert the Turkish empire and would conduct the Christian revolution that would destroy Islam, and that made the Sultan very paranoid, and that was what provoked him to start attacking Christians in the Turkish empire. As far as infiltration, yes, there were Zionists (Freemasons) who were involved with almost any other British Zionist and I am sure the same was going on with American Zionists (missionaries) because there was a strong Zionist movement in America at that time as well.

Bedros: Can we come to the conclusion that some of the Armenian leaders were Freemasons?

Christopher: I would say absolutely that they were not only Freemasons but they also had their own independent revolutionary movement, the Tashnak and Henchak, which become infiltrated by the Jewish Masonic revolutionaries who were sent out of Salonika of Greece, and who produced Emmanuel Carraso or Caraso. Djavid Bey, Tallat Pasha, Enver Pasha, (Mustafa Kamal who came later on and was not part of the Young Turks, he was also a crypto-Jew born in Salonika), all the prominent leaders of the Committee of Union and Progress who conducted the revolution to depose the Sultan and committed the most atrocious period of the Armenian Genocide, specially on the 1915. And the way they would phrase their orders would match exactly the Jewish commandments in the Hebrew Bible and how the Jews should exterminate the Amalekites and how they should blot out their name forever. Their orders would read almost verbatim as if they were taken out of the Hebrew Bible which I find very telling. And I should also point out that the Muslims resisted what this crypto-Jewish Young Turks were telling them to do, and they had a difficult time getting the Turkish Muslims to wipe them out, and they would also often try to invoke the Kurds to slaughter the Armenians because the Kurds were poor and were more apt to do it, and they did that by promising the Kurds and the Turks all the property they could steal of the Armenians who were the richest community in the Turkish empire, they even exceeded the wealth of the Greeks and the Jews, not at the top level, the Jewish bankers were the wealthiest people in the world, but the Armenian people as a whole were wealthier than the Jews within the Turkish empire and within the Russian empire.

Bedros: Until today the US government has not acknowledged or has not even recognized the Armenian Genocide. Could you elaborate who has been against it, am sure Christians have not been against it?

Christopher: No, Christians have not been against it. My understanding is that bills have come up from time to time to establish a resolution acknowledging the Genocide and they have been opposed by Jewish organizations. I believe the ADL and AIPAC has exerted its influence to keep this from happening, and the United States is not unique and I think in Israel Pit-Levi(?) And others have opposed resolution acknowledging the Genocide and have opposed Turkey’s being forced to acknowledge the [Armenian] Genocide. Now why would Jews be opposed to that? One reason would be that they want to keep the Holocaust of the European Jewry as a unique event in the history and have a selfish interests that way, but I think the more substantial fact that when people start digging into this Armenian Genocide, it is inevitable that they would discover that all the leaders of the Young Turks, all the significant leaders of the Young Turks were Jews from the Salonika and that it (the Young Turks movement or the Committee of Union & Progress) was a Zionist Jewish movement to sacrifice the Armenians for the sake of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine, which the Jews had no right to do.

Bedros: Basically what would you say to Christians who stand for Zionism and they stand for the state, basically, chosen people.

Christopher: I would say that they were adhering to anti-Christian beliefs which were introduced into dispensentional Christianity again by crypto-Jews, by Jews who pretended to be Christians and introduced these beliefs. For example the belief in the Rapture was created by Jesuit crypto-Jews Lavero and Lacusa. And these beliefs of the American Christians, I think there are thirty or forty millions of them, believe that they have to start a war against Russia and create a nuclear war so that two billion humans being would be killed, and they believe selfishly that when they provoke this war, they themselves would be raptured up into heaven and would not suffer for it, and they are so selfish that are willing to make everybody else suffer for it, so that this can happen. And then they believe that Jesus will then come. Now these beliefs are nowhere to be found in the New Testament, they were manufactured by [certain] Jews who took over the Jesuit movement and the Jesuit movement was started by [certain] Jews, and they created all these beliefs because they wanted to create a war between protestant Christians and Catholics, but today they are using that by trying to provoke a World War III and make it a nuclear war.

And these Christian Zionists are actually hated by those [certain] Jews, as all Christians traditionally have been hated by Jews, and when I say Jews I am speaking in very general terms and I should not, I should be very specific and say that those Zionist Jews who were using those Christians, dislike them and consider them foolish and stupid, and they have bribed and blackmailed their leaders in order to lead these Christians again into fighting against the Muslims, just as they did by killing the Armenians [in 1895-96, in 1906 in Van, and in 1909 in Cilicia] to instigate the first world war, they are trying to create a war between Christianity and Islam to create a third world war which they believe would ultimately fulfill all their Jewish prophecies, and so that they can destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and rebuilt the Jewish temple and then anoint the Jewish King and rule the world from Zion. It is crazy as it sounds, you can actually find Jewish Rabbis preach those exact ideas in Israel.

Bedros: Which is the Anti-Christ, basically?

Christopher: If I were [a church going] Christian I would certainly recognize the fact it is the Anti-Christ, and it is certainly anti-Christian and it is exactly what was prophesied to happen in the Book of Revelation.

At the end of Bjerknes' book about "The Jewish Genoside of Armenian Christians" there is a long list of his research sources from which, after study, he has based his conclusions about our Genocide.


{1} In a letter from Sir Gerard Lowther of the British Embassy in Constantinople to Sir Charles Harding. (The letter is stated to be private and confidential, dated May 29, 1910, In Constantinople) we read:

"Dear Charles:...As you are aware, the Young Turkey movement in Paris was quite separate from and in great part in ignorance of the inner workings of that in Salonika. The latter (Salonika) has a population of about 140,000, of whom 80,000 are Spanish Jews, and 20,000 of the sect of Sabetai Zevi or Crypto-Jews, who externally profess Islamism....The inspiration of the movement in Salonika would seem to have been mainly Jewish, while the words 'Liberty', 'Equality', 'Fraternity', the motto of the Young Turks, are also the device of Italian Freemasons...Shortly after the revolution in July 1908, when the Committee established itself in Constantinople, it soon became known that many of its leading members were Freemasons..."

In the book The Times History of the War, volume 14, page 308, we read:

"[The Jews of Salonika] became linked to the Turks more intimately through a crypto-Jewish Moslem community, the Donme, descended from Sephardim converted in the seventeenth century [to Islam]....The author of the standard exposition of the Pan-Turanian Movement, who calls himself by the pure Turkish name of 'Tekin Alp', is believed to have been a Salonika Jew, and there is also reason to suppose that the secularizing, anti-Islamic tendency which is also so remarkable a feature in Pan-Turanianism was partly the effect of this Jewish influence."

More information is given about the Donme, the crypto-Jews and their false Messiah/King Sabatai Zevi (who soul keeps incarnating in his successors) in the links below:
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I think it is unwise and problematic to draw a parallel between the activities of the "Young Turks", who whether they identified themselves as crypo-Jews or not, the Armenian Holocaust and the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine. While it is true many Jews wished to go to Palestine, indeed who would not judging from the terrible circumstances that many of them were in which were very closely parallel to the Armenians within Anatolia where many of the massacres were the worst. To suggest that the Armenians were slaughtered to make way for a Jewish state, is to draw a parallel between events that were many years apart. Moreover, it important to assign the guilt to the Young Turks in the Massacres that they deserve. This is difficult when there have been difficulties between "Jews" and "Armenians" on the political forum where some Jews for their own political purposes deny the Armenian holocaust.

Many of the contemporary documents from the Red Cross, which I have read, also point to the role of many other groups inside Turkey/Anatolia during the massacres. Yet, the Young Turks were Turkish in origin. The Young Turks opposed the traditional Sultanate, and many Armenians including my partner's family worked for the Sultans at one time. This did not make them supporters of the Sultan, however, any more than the Jews who lent money to the Popes of Rome were Catholics. It is surely always our Christian duty to obey the one commandment, "to love each other as I have taught you." Jesus tasks us indeed to love and care for all. This includes Jews. In fact, many Armenians have been intimately connected to Jews in business and even yes in marriage. We have many things in common as survivors, and must be the models for others survivors who will follow us.

For a topic, if you were interested, you might look into the assassination of one of the "Young Turks". I believe you will find some interesting material for a novel as well. Be very cautious in viewing anti-Jewish material in this regard, much of it exonerates the very perpetrators of this crime. Look at the older materials at the research libraries, and as I said the Red Cross had a lot of material.

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If you want to understand life as it was during the deportations & Genocide, read Taner Akcam's "You Rejoyce My Heart" and Ajemian's "A Knock at the Door ", to start. Marriages were normally arranged. Depending upon the location of the village, women were usually veiled, and in the outlying regions took the added precaution of smudging dirt upon the visible portions of skin to render them less desirable to roving bands of Kurds and Turks. Do not forget that no Armenian could bring any type of accusation upon a Kurd or Turk for any reason whatsoever.
By age 17 a young lady would have been expected to marry. My understanding is that the person who would have the final decision as to whom she would be wed to is her godfather.
Hope this helps. K 8)
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If you are going to write a novel about your grandparents, why don't you try to be creative? Most family histories are generally narrative in nature, with a combination of personal story, photos and family trees. Novel is what you are going to write so it is important to make the reader feel like an eyewitness to your grandparent's life.
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