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For the last several months, we are facing with the ugly problem of internet spam on our board. those spam are both done by automated bots and by immature people that have nothing better to do than to ruin our board and upset our members. We have been deleting more than 30 spam post per day and removing new members that we suspect are spammers. Fortunately the measures we have implemented so far were able to stop the bots , however we are still facing the other half of spammers which we are also implementing new measures on daily basis. Please keep in mind that this board is moderated by individuals on a volunteer basis they can not monitor the forum on a 24 hour basis. However I thank all the efforts that they have done to clean and maintain this board.

Thank you all for all your suggestions and inputs, please keep those coming so we can create a better environment for all that cares about Armenian genealogy.

I am thinking of changing the registration procedure where an individual can not post unless the moderators approves his/her registration which might take several days . This will delay the posting time for a new legitimate members but will prevent potential spammers from registering. There are also some extreme measures that I hate to take but I think will be necessary if things get out of control.

As some of you mentioned please make sure your computers are protected from spam and spy ware and we will do our best from this end to keep this forum a pleasant hangout for all Armenians interested in their ancestry.

Thank you for your particiption and enjoy your stay

John Melidosian
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