Dikranagerdtsi Dialect

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Dikranagerdtsi Dialect

Postby Ned Boyajian » Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:48 pm

Hi All,

My family came from Dikranagerd and I know from stories that they were Dikranagerdtis speakers. But they probably also spoke "standard" Western Armenian. I don't really speak Armenian so am asking help in identifying a few odd words and phrases: that I remember hearing ... are they Dikranagerdtsi or standard? Also some might be Turkish in origin but used by Dikranagerdtsi speakers. Would appreciate any/all comments:

A mild oath or put-down: Shendalaventi "brains of dog!"

hoodook: a vile person or thing

agoo -- for yegur, "come"

kodosh - "friend" from the Turkish, arkadaÅŸ, I guess??

Zibbel - garbage. This I think is Turkish.

Sent ee gadreh - shut up

Kha nah geech - busybody

Khomagodz anoush "sweet pourings" -- cheers!
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Re: Dikranagerdtsi Dialect

Postby Samourian » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:31 pm

Because of the occupation of the Ottoman Turks the original Armenian language got mixed up with Turkish words how ever if the Turkish language is still pure then you could use this to your advantage to filter the Turkish words out of the Armenian language.

I would say that zibbel is also used in the Armenian language as for as I know. I don't know the origin of Armenian words but if you want to filter out what is Turkish then I think you should first use the http://translate.google.com/
to see as well as an Armenian dictionary so if any Armenian word is translated in to English from Turkish then you would know that the work was Turkish but if it only translates to English with the Armenian Translation mode then that's how you could tell it is a true Armenian word
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Re: Dikranagerdtsi Dialect

Postby Samourian » Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:27 pm

First of all hare is a another blog for Dikranagerdsi's http://westarmgen.weebly.com/dikrranagerr

Hello, This is the mom. My grandmum and grandpa were from Dikranagerdt. My comments gave me such a warm thought of when I had the wonderful opportunity of knowing my grandma and visiting her weekly. I know shoon is Armenian for dog and davarr is a dumb mule or donkey (which the Turks called Armenians ( it is Turkish a big put down towards Armenians to get us very angry in an attempt to rile us up into a fight).
fight). Hodoogk means stinkin (aimed towards a person- correct). Another is shoon shaanortee (referring to a person, when you want to call him a the son of a dog ((shaan is the root of shoon when it is a little one and ortee refers to belonging to, in that word)) not that you can mix it with any other words, but for that particular word….we heard that one a lot. It could be a little rascal.. it was not a wrotten word, but parents said it to their children often…when they’d get into something they should not have. I’ve heard “yegoo” for “come” and ego ego ego, repeatedly, when you are saying it to a child crawling on the floor or a kitty cat….I never heard “Kodosh”, but it sounds like “Kurdish, which are the people who are also Muslums, the Kurds, who my grandmother said were worse than the Turks ! Zibiill is a very popular one amongst Armenians, using it in jest, calling another person Zibill- (trash), but jokingly. Armenians typically joked like this and then would laugh because this is a Turkish word. The Armenian is Chope (but you say it fast – the o is not really a long o in sound and it is not a short o, but it is almost silent. You have to say it fast. ..It really means garbage and we don’t use it on people. Zibbilll is more of a slander against someone if you don’t like them, because it is a harsh word and yet it is a joke when you call your husband or wife, zibbill….looking to tease. It is a fun thing. Again, Armenians were not looking to pick a fight on their fellow Armenians aor family. I love, the shut up….it is tszinenehtt gdrreh. The first word means your sound and the second means cut. So literally it is “cut your voice- or cut your sound”. … yupp it means shut-up. IThe next is kharrnaageech which literally means stirring kharrneh and geech means sort of “a little person” who stirs up trouble….It is a busy body, but more like a cute person who mixes up stuff that makes trouble happen from all the mixing up or letting the cat out of the bag (information that should not be put out there- because it is going to “start trouble”…trouble maker….the last one sounds like khurrmah, which is sweet food (a desert of some kind that I forget what it is…Armenians Dikrranagerrtzi’s….OOOH it is dates ! I think the godz is actually kordz (works) and annush means sweet. The Armenians love dates and usually have this with coconut sprinkled flakes on the smashed dales and an almond on the top, during the holidays. MEMORIES>….THANK YOU…

fyi My family were candy makers (the Shakarrjians and Khoshabjians and Nakashians)from way back and tgey travelled down to Mosull in Babylonia, which became Iraq, on the tigris River. Their family also manufactured hazel nut oil,(the Palazizians) centuries ago. Their names came from their specialties: sugar, famous for their candies and sugar cookies (shakarrji's) compote (apricot, raisen, figs stewed together and eaten with the soupy juices, usually in the morning or as a destert) ..I think nakash is another sweet related to some kind of a nut (I think ).
ANNUSH UHLAH: SWEET MAYITBE (Armenian language).
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Re: Dikranagerdtsi Dialect

Postby C.K. Garabed » Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:48 pm

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