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Postby tdcote » Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:52 pm

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am from Rhode Island. The armenian surname I have/had in my family is Arslanian and Kechijian (which could be spelled keshishian, kachigian, etc). Out of the Arslanians, I only know that Krikor was my great grandfather and he married Nazelie Kechijian. They had my grandmother, Diana, she was born in 1938. Nazelie had siblings; Higue (my great aunt who passed away last year at 88), Eddy, Harry, and Ara who are all deceased. I believe Nazelie and Harry were doctors. Their parents were Joseph Kechijian and Arshaloos. I'm not sure what her maiden name was. They both came over around the time of the genocide. I know parts of the Kechijian family settled here in RI, California, possibly Massachusetts. Some have migrated elsewhere. I know Dr. Paul Kechijian from California is a distant cousin. I believe the majority were from Armenia, some Turkey (other than the ones born here). I'm having such a hard time finding out more info on my family, if you have any info, please help! :mrgreen:
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Postby Samourian » Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:39 am

Dear Tiffany
About your name
Arslanian ,Arslan means lion in Turkish or Armenian! ian means "son of. Put it together and
You get"son of a lion. So somone
In your family must have been related to a lion like man. Or mabey your family were lion fur traders thayt shipped the fur in From africa!
My name is Samourian and i am related to poachers who hunted for an animal prized for its furs
The samoor that was a rat or possum like rodent!
"Son of a rat. DNA testing is the best way to find out who your family is except you might find out that your not 100% Armenian your stuck with that for life! You could be more geneically a Jew or Turk or Iranian or assyrian or maby even Arab or Afgani!!
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