Armenian Anchestors Aszian/Seko/Ceko

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Armenian Anchestors Aszian/Seko/Ceko

Postby nickelfunk1977 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:53 am

I am searching for information on my Armenian ancestors.I know virtually nothing.I need help in determining how they would have chosen their American name. My great grandfather was George Ceko born Aug 25 1894 in Armenia.He came over to the United States w/ his uncle (Manoog Aszian) & brother Richard Ceko to avoid the genocide. I believe his paremnts & a sister did not come to US & he never knew if they survived the genocide.There is a variation of Ceko as Seko in my family tree.As one of my great uncles chose to spell Seko w/ and S instead of a C. I cannot find any information on Manoog or Richard in US.Basically the only info I found on George is his registration card for the war & that I came accross his dob & place of birth.Im assuming he went by a different name on manifest since I cannot find any Seko/Ceko or even Aszian on any manifest. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I just became aware of my Armenian ancestry a few days ago.
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Re: Armenian Anchestors Aszian/Seko/Ceko

Postby Jerusalem » Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:02 pm

I had a similar experience trying to find a relative. I was fortunate enough, after many, many searches, to find his name in the Naturalization database on Of course his name was misspelled beyond belief. I discovered he arrived in the US under an alias, that's why I couldn't find him.

Normally one would find the ancestor on the ship's manifest, then the census records to see if he was naturalized, and then order the naturalization papers. I did the opposite. I found him first, by luck, in the naturalization database so when I ordered his papers I was able to find his alias, then I found him in the Ellis Island database.

I would ask your relatives if anyone might have your great grandfather's naturalization papers or other documents. Over the years, I have found that relatives have boxes of photographs and documents in the attic that they forgot they had, etc. So ask your relatives, you might be pleasantly surprised. Chances are your relatives took the misspelled last name off their immigration papers.

This website might be of help. You can search by first name only, place of birth, date of birth, etc., or any combination. It's for
ellis island only. Good luck.
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