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Postby nersessian » Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:10 pm

My Armenian lineage has been a constant mystery to me in my genealogy research, for many years it has seemed impossible to find out anything more than I already know, but with the other branches of my family tree now filled out very nicely, I'm itching to know more about my Armenian roots.
All that I know basically comes from family legend/oral history, so here goes. Simon Nersessian was my great grandfather. He was born probably in 1899 in Armenia, I do not know the town. In 1915 the story goes that his entire family (unsure of who this includes as far as parents or siblings) was killed by Turks and he was sent to an orphanage in France. When he was 17 he came to America. He went on to marry Ethyl Dooley. They lived in Boston and had 3 children Edward (1921), Michael (1923), and my grandfather Andrew (1937). After Ethyl died he went on to marry twice more to Susie (d. abt 1970) and Mary (outlived him). Simon himself died in 1974 in Fresno, California (it's unclear when he moved there).
I would greatly appreciate any information on the Nersessians in Armenia, or any guidance in my research. To be honest I have no idea where to even try looking for the information.
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