Need Help (Atamian/Sohigian's) w info on Staneg Beechakjian

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Need Help (Atamian/Sohigian's) w info on Staneg Beechakjian

Postby vartanoush » Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:19 pm

Need help...My grandparents came to Armerica aprox 1910 and 1920-25. I've been fortunate to find some Sohigian's and Perparians to learn about my grandmother's (Vartanoosh Sohigian) side of the family (still looking for more), but unsuccessful finding info on the Atamian (grandfather - Hughas Bedros Atamian) side. I located a scape of paper with an address of a woman (who I'm sure has passed away) who I strongly believe to be my grandfather's sister. Searching has not helped much, so I thought I'd post it and hope it may bring me to a newly found family member who knows who this woman was.
Mrs. Sataneg Beechakjian
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